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  【熟义熟性】n. 好处,利益

  【僻义熟性】v. 得益于 (from,in)

  【真题例句】 Either way,one benefit of a “national”organization would be to negotiate better prices,if possible,with drug manufacturers. 【2005年阅读新题型】


  【僻义熟性】n. 退休金,救济金,保险费

  【真题例句】37. Corporations and labor unions have conferred great benefits upon their employees and members as well as upon the general public. 【99年词汇37题】


  【僻义熟性】v. 得益于 (from,in)

  【真题例句】What is odd is that they have perhaps most benefited from ambition —— if not always their own then that of their parents and grandparents. 【2000年阅读Text5】




  【僻义僻性之一】 v. 致函,写姓名地址;

  【僻义僻性之二】v. 向……讲话;

  【僻义僻性之三】v. 处理,解决问题

  【真题例句】Prior to his departure, he addressed a letter to his daughter. 【1986词汇第3题】


  【僻义僻性之二】v. 向……讲话;

  【真题例句】Depending on whom you are addressing,the problems will be different.【2002年阅读Text1】

  【经典译文】 针对不同的听众,要谈的问题也应该不同。

  【僻义僻性之三】v. 处理,解决问题

  【真题例句】 Boston Globe reporter Chris Reidy notes that the situation will improve only when there are comprehensive programs that address the many needs of the homeless.【2006年完形】



  【熟义熟性】n. 帐户, 计算

  Credit card account信用卡帐户

  【僻义僻性】vt. 做帐,财务,会计

  【僻义熟性】n. 价值,地位,重要性

  【真题例句】Indeed,just as there is the concept of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP),perhaps it is time for GASP,Generally Accepted Security Practices,suggested Eli Noam of New York‘s Columbia Business School. 【2007年阅读新题型】


  【僻义熟性】n. 价值,地位,重要性

  【经典例句】Is it true that the American intellectual is rejected and considered of no account in his society? 【2006年翻译】


  Take something into account = take account of 把…考虑在内

  【经典例句】Dr. Myers and Dr. Worm argue that their work gives a correct baseline,which future management efforts must take into account.【2006年阅读Text3】


  ►Account for




  【经典例句】As recently as 1995,the top four railroads accounted for under 70 percent of the total ton-miles moved by rails. 【2003年阅读Text3】






  【真题例句】30.The future of this company is ________: many of its talented employees are flowing into more profitable net-based businesses. 【2001年词汇】

  【A】 at odds 【B】 in trouble 【C】 in vain 【D】 at stake

  【经典译文】这家公司的未来生死未卜:它的许多优秀人才正流失到更易赚钱的网络企业重。【D】 at stake=at risk处在危险之中


  【真题例句】 With $3.5 billion being lost on Internet wagers this year,gambling has passed pornography as the Web‘s most profitable business. 【2006年阅读新题型】




  【僻义僻性】n. 公司,商号

  【僻义熟性】n. 经济体,国家

  【真题例句】 It serves directly to assist a rapid distribution of goods at reasonable price,thereby establishing a firm home market and so making it possible to provide for export at competitive prices. 【1955年阅读Text1】


  【僻义僻性】n. 公司,商号

  【真题例句】Until California recently passed a law,American firms did not have to tell anyone,even the victim,when data went astray. 【2007年阅读Text4】



  【熟义熟性】n. 经济

  【僻义熟性】n. 经济体,国家

  【真题例句】market-oriented economy市场经济 【1994阅读Text1】

  【僻义熟性】n. 经济体,国家

  【真题例句】 For each dollar of GDP(in constant prices) rich economies now use nearly 50% less oil than in 1973. 【2003阅读Text3】

  【经典译文】富有国家生产一美圆的GDP(以不变价格计算),比1973年少使用50%的石油。【僻义僻性】a. 便宜的;经济实惠的(补充)

  An economy class air ticket is fit for ordinary workers,because it costs much less.

  【经典译文】经济舱机票对一般工作人员比较合适,因为它的价格要便宜得多。【同源词】economic a. 经济的,经济学的

  【真题例句】socio-economic status社会经济地位【1991阅读Text2】

  economical  a.经济的(强调节省钱和资源);节约的

  【真题例句】 the use of cars has proved to be more economical.【89阅读Text 2, 19题D选项】



  【熟义熟性】v. 争论,辩论

  【僻义熟性】v. 认为,主张,论证;说服

  【真题例句】The point is this:without agreement on the rights of people,arguing about the rights of animals is fruitless.【1997年翻译】


  【僻义熟性】v. 认为,主张,论证;说服

  【真题例句】 He is not arguing, as many do,that we can no longer think straight because we do not talk proper.【2005年阅读Text4】



  【熟义熟性】n.气候; (气候)地带

  【僻义熟性】n. 风气,社会思潮?

  【真题例句】The flight from overcrowdedness affects the migration from snow belt to more bearable climates.【1998年阅读Text4】


  【僻义熟性】n. 风气,社会思潮

  【真题例句】When the work is well done,a climate of accident-free operations is established where time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum.【1999年完形】



  【熟义熟性】a. 学院的,学业的

  【僻义僻性】 n. 学者,大学教师

  【真题例句】If the preoccupation of schools with academic work was lessened,more time might be spent teaching children surer values.【1995年阅读text4】

  【经典译文】如果学校对学业的强调减少一些,也许就有更多的时间教孩子更重要的价值观念。【僻义熟性】a. 学术的

  【真题例句】Mr. McWhorter‘s academic specialty is language history and change,and he sees the gradual disappearance of “whom",for example,to be natural and no more regrettable than the loss of the case-endings of Old English.【2005年阅读4】


  【僻义僻性】 n. 学者,大学教师

  【真题例句】 Leonard Schlesinger,a Harvard academic and former chief executive of Au Bong Pain,a rapidly growing chain of bakery cafes,says that much “reengineering” has been crude.【1998年阅读text2】



  National Academy of Science国家科学学院




  【真题例句】Energy conservation,a shift to other fuels and decline in the importance of heavy,energy-intensive industries have reduced oil consumption.【2002年阅读text3】



  【真题例句】On anther level,many in the medical community acknowledge that the assisted-suicide(医生协助自杀) debated has been fueled in part by the despair of parents for whom the modern medicine has prolonged the physical agony of dying .【2002年阅读text4】



  【熟义熟性】n. 练习

  【熟义僻性】vt. 练习

  【僻义熟性】n. 惯例;常规;准则

  【真题例句】Kids need plenty of practice delaying gratification and deploying effective organizational skills, such as managing time and setting priorities. 【2007年阅读新题型】


  【熟义僻性】vt. 练习

  【真题例句】If you feel awkward being humorous,you must practice so that it becomes more natural【2002年阅读Text1】


  【僻义熟性】n. 惯例;常规;准则

  【真题例句】Indeed,just as there is the concept of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP),perhaps it is time for GASP,Generally Accepted Security Practices,suggested Eli Noam of New York‘s Columbia Business School. 【2007年阅读新题型】



  【熟义熟性】vt. 接近


  Approaching death 接近死亡 【2002年阅读Text4】

  【僻义熟性】vt. 着手处理,开始考虑(在本题中的联想意义为:研究)

  【真题例句】I have excluded him because,while his accomplishments may contribute to the solution of moral problems,he has not been charged with the task of approaching any but the factual aspects of those problems.【2006年翻译48题】

  charge with在这里表示‘使承担…。任务’;而并非‘指控…某人’



  【真题例句】For retailers,who last year took in 24 percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas,the cautious approach is coming at a crucial time.【2004年阅读Text3】








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