Top 1:职业素养与必备素质专题(创新、协作、勤奋及自我提升) 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
1、创新的重要性       With strength and labor, one can get things done, but with ingenuity, one can get things done efficiently and elegantly.
      So instead of jumping into work right away(马上开始工作), it's of vital importance(至关重要)that we use our brain first and figure out the best solution to the task before setting out.
      A feasible new idea can save us valuable time(节约宝贵时间) by improving efficiency.
2、团队合作与沟通、协作       Effective teamwork is incredibly(及其地、非常地) important for output quality and efficiency. If everyone in a team can focus on their own strength and yet manage to collaborate with each other, then those tasks seem unachievable for any individual may be achieved with better quality.
      Teamwork not only increases efficiency but also creates an environment of learning by challenging your ideas.
      We should bear in mind(记住) that no individual or firm can fare well without teamwork in this competitive world. It's vital to both the success of a team and the development of any individual.
3、勤奋       To begin with, it will enable people to make remarkable achievements. Furthermore, diligence will help people to win others' trust in the cooperation. Last but not least, diligence is also critical for an organization.
      It is highly recommended that(强烈建议) we make great efforts to cultivate the habit of diligence in our life.
4、脚踏实地、采取有效行动       When looking for a job or pursuing other goals, young people tend to aim high, but not put their thoughts into action(好高骛远,没有付诸行动).
      What's worse, they are beginning to adapt a cynical attitude towards life, complaining about the unfairness brought upon them.
       To be down-to-earth(脚踏实地的、务实的) and steadfast(坚定的) in practical work is absolutely key to success.
      Young aspiring people have all sorts of brilliant ideas, but ideas are worth nothing unless executed(执行). Only with consistent action can we turn an idea into concrete result(实在的结果).
5、找方法而不是找借口       Not only will excuses prevent us from reaching our full potential(充分发挥潜能), but they will also hold us back(阻碍某人) from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills we might have.
      Focus on making the best of(充分利用) every situation rather than making excuses in order to get away from problems when things don't turn out(最终成为) as you expected, and you will have the opportunity to harvest great returns.
6、自我提升       Mustering the motivation for self-improvement is essential for every employee. Just as self-motivation leads to a good employment fit, continued personal improvement is key to keeping your career on a successful trajectory. And you can't always rely on structured employee incentives to move yourself forward. Instead, use your powers of self-improvement to create your own initiative. This will ensure your upward mobility as you better yourself and hasten career growth.
      As is shown in the picture, five men are pushing blocks, among which one is way ahead of the rest because his block is round rather than cubic. Behind him lies a small tool and crumbs on the ground, indicating that the man has exerted efforts to change the shape of the block.
      The picture intends to convey to us that hard work alone is not enough and one needs to think twice and plan wisely before action. There is no doubt that with strength and labor, one can get things done, but with ingenuity, one can get things done efficiently and elegantly. All through human history, the pursuit of efficiency has been driving the civilization to reach a higher level(达到更高的水平), which is not possible by a pure show of muscle. So instead of jumping into work right away(直接工作), it's of vital importance that we have to think and figure out the best solution to the task before setting out.
      In this age of rapid technologica1 advances, most jobs do not require mundane physical labor as they used to. A feasible new idea can save us valuable time(节约宝贵时间) by improving efficiency. Always keep in mind "Be not just diligent; but also ingenious in your work!"
Top 2 人生哲理专题(脚踏实地、目标、毅力) 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
1、脚踏实地、仰望星空       Our dreams will prevent us from quitting easily especially when we are in great trouble. They will lead us to the destination we are eager to reach, bring out the best in us and stimulate us to remain firm in our faith.
      The more action we take, the more likely we are to accumulate experience, master skills and get close to our destination. Dream guides action; action facilitate dream.(梦想引导行动,行动实现梦想)
2、树立生活目标       A proper aim helps foster the realization of the visions, as people are better motivated when they want to attain the goal they set for themselves and have a sense of fulfillment when they succeed.
      By setting goals one could take good control of his or her life, without wasting time or energy being confused about what to do.
3、毅力、不能半途而废       Without perseverance, it will not be possible for Thomas Edison to succeed in producing the first electric lamp after numerous times of failure.
      Helen Keller, though born blind and deaf, never lost heart and persisted in learning how to read and write in spite of great difficulties. Her efforts were rewarded with worldwide recognition(某人的努力得到了全世界的认同) and she became a famous writer.
      Energy and persistence conquer all things. -----Benjamin Franklin
4、渴求知识       As a matter of fact, with each passing day, modern society urges us to increase our studies and to remain open to new knowledge at all times. Only in this way can we maintain pace with rapid social development. Otherwise, sooner or later, we will be weeded out.
      As is revealed in the cartoon, a boy is contemplating(认为) the true meaning of happiness. It is indeed a tough question for him: what is happiness? Making a huge sum of money, or winning true love, or keeping good health, or what? The picture is fairly thought-provoking(发人深省), which intends to convey to us this message: Due attention should be paid to the constant topic of human-happiness.
      We can easily recognize the significance of attitude in terms of happiness. On the one hand, some have suffered a great deal but generally remain happy. Take the victims of Wen Chuan earthquake as an example, they lost their families and even something more precious, but they eventually stepped out of the pain to rebuild their home. On the other hand, people who have a relatively easy and comfortable life, and yet are essentially unhappy. Without a positive attitude or the determination to find the little happiness of life, you are destined to(注定) be grievous, no matter what kind of situation you are in.
      Considering all the points discussed above, it is advisable that we highly value optimism and apply it in our studies and work. We are, therefore, supposed to take a rational attitude. Happiness is an attitude, not a condition, which lies in the unswerving efforts(坚持不懈的努力)to complete one's life.
Top 3 道德与诚信专题 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
1、诚信       Confucius, the greatest ancient sage in China, once said, "He who lack of credibility cannot be counted on for anything(人无信而无用)".
2、道德       Traditional social codes require young people to care for the elders, because old age renders you vulnerable to injuries and weak in terms of physical strength.
      There is no doubt that in order to become a great nation, we have to educate the young people to observe traditional values.
      In the picture, a man is driving a car through the highway and is greeted by green lights all along the way, because he boasts of double A credit. The car symbolizes a company while the highway the business world. The drawing is trying to tell us that credit score is a company's calling card and a good one will make its life much easier.
      Credit is of vital importance to both companies and individuals. Regardless of(不管,无论) fame or fortune, companies with a good credit can enjoy low interest rates on credit cards and loans, because they have been proven to be reliable and have low risks of default. By the same token, people with good credit also have better chances of finding a suitable partner and more negotiating power in a job market because they can be trusted to deliver their promises. Confucius, the greatest ancient sage in China, once expressed his perspective on credit:"He who lacks credibility cannot be counted on for anything."That is to say, credibility serves as a key criterion(标准) in measuring the integrity of a person. In addition, it takes enduring(持久的) efforts for a person or an organization to maintain a good credit, for a single derail will mean that the record is tarnished.
      Based on analysis above, it is only wise for us not to risk downgrading credit for petty gains.
TOP 4 教育专题(应试教育、就业、择业) 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
1、教育的重要性       The prosperity of a nation depends on the development of education. Any advancement in science and technology throughout the world is due to the improvement of education which brings up scientists and inventors.
2、补习班       Parents have to identify the strength, interest and weakness of their children and then decide whether it will facilitate learning and not spoil interest at the same time for a child to attend a particular course.
3、大学生就业       University can set some employment-related courses. What's more, students should have more social practice off campus.
      The deficiency of pre-employment education(职前教育) in university; Students do not focus their attention on study but on online games and campus love.
      I am one of many young Chinese graduates who have been caught in the civil service mania, hoping that my toil in taking the exams will land me a stable career with a decent income and a respectful status. For me, the civil service paints a prosperous future; it would mean a change of fate.
4、择业       Proper self-assessment and hard work are the nuggets of wisdom for those looking for new opportunities in an ever-changing professional landscape.
      On a tree sprout four branches, which are symbols of academic abilities(学术能力), practical abilities(实践能力), organization abilities(组织能力) and acting abilities(表演能力). A saw, a symbol of education, violently cuts down three branches, leaving the only one symbolizing academic abilities.
      This picture illustrates a current problematic standard practice in education which stresses only academic learning. High scores in examinations or rather academic success is apparently the main pursuit by most students, parents and teachers. In china, a great educational background is always considered as a sure ticket to a lucrative career(有钱途的职业) and a successful life. Children, consequently, are expected to go along the same growth path from a famous kindergarten to a good primary school to a key middle school and then hopefully to a well-known university. If a child shows no interest in traditional learning, even though he is talented in other fields, he will be considered as an idle person without big dreams and be severely punished.
      This education principle was fruitful(有成效的) when university students were highly valued by the job market but no longer productive since the job market has greatly changed. The job market requires more than academic ability nowadays. People with admirable educational background will also fail because of lack of other abilities. There are many forms of abilities for a person, and we'd better strive for a balanced development.
TOP 5 网络科技专题(社交、游戏、低头族) 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
      Logging on to social utilities like Weibo or Facebook will envelop us in the warm embrace of our social network.
      The burgeoning convenience and fancy of hi-tech may exacerbate men's over dependence on technology.
      Computer games have both favorable and unfavorable sides. Some games can improve players' memory skills by requiring them to perform memory exercises throughout the game, whereas overindulgence in the activity may lead to violent behavior and addiction. Playing games itself is not a problem, but students need to be reasonable about how much time to spend playing games and what kind of games to play.
      Students can benefit from the reforms under the "Internet Plus" plan, which aims to integrate China's economy with Web technology. Almost all industries are upgrading with the help of the Internet, but students willing to benefit from it need to be familiar with the technology, employ it wisely and get used to working in a new media environment.
      As is depicted in the picture above, a man is so obsessed with(沉迷) his mobile phone that whether he is at table or in the toilet, whether he is studying, dating, driving or waiting for the bus, he can't take his eyes off the phone screen. Apparently, the cartoonist intends to draw our attention to the negative impact of phubbing(一个新造词,来自phone和snub) on us.
      Admittedly, the mobile devices such as the mobile phone and tablet PC have brought great convenience to our life. However, gluing our eyes to(紧盯着) the screen of these electric devices whenever we have time can do more harm than good to us. For one thing, phubbing reduces our face-to-face interaction with people around us, and thus alienates us from them. For another, phubbing may pose a threat to our health. Specifically speaking, lowering our head to look at the phone screen for a long period of time can cause cervical spondylosis(颈椎病), loss of vision and memory, among other health problems.
      From my own perspective, phubbing is an issue that we cannot afford to ignore. Therefore an education campaign should be launched to inform people of the harm of phubbing. In addition, we should choose to be the master of mobile devices, not the other way around. Only in this way, would it be possible for us to put away our phones and raise our heads to start a conversation with people around us.
      诚然,像手机和平板电脑之类的移动设备已为我们的生活带来了巨大的便利。然而,一有时间就目不转睛地盯着这些电子设备的屏幕对我们的影响弊大于利。首先,“低头症”减少了我们与周围人面对面的交流,因此使我们与他们疏远。再者,“低头症”会危害我们的健康。 具体来说,长时间地低头看手机屏幕会导致颈椎病、视力和记忆力下降,以及其他的健康问题。
TOP 6 环境专题(空气污染、清洁能源、绿色回收) 押题统计:张剑、新东方、何凯文、陈正康
1、改善环境问题相关措施       Strict regulation has to be implemented to stop companies and factories from using dirty fuels and technologies that are not environmentally friendly.
      Public transportation shall be made more convenient and promoted on a large scale, including people to drive cars less frequently.
      Handsome preferential tax incentive shall be granted to new-energy vehicles.
      Many colleges and universities are promoting waste management practices on their campuses to encourage students to pursue a greener way of life and plant the seed of environmental awareness in the minds of their college youth. For example, after identifying that 40 percent of the municipal waste produced in Hong Kong is food waste, the Chinese University of Hong Kong last year launched the program of limiting the university's waste through the use of decomposers. A student organization also hands out brochures to encourage students ________.
      The waste sorting system, including green recycling bins on campus, may fall short of the expectations of its designers. Government agencies at all levels have been hesitant to pass laws requiring recycling, believing it should be left to individual provinces or individual people to decide whether to recycle: Cities often run into cost issues when considering implementing recycling programs.
2、超载旅游黄金周       The priority task is to implement the paid leave system. The tourism management of local government requires big improvements. The timely release of traffic information and visitor density is essential.
      The cartoon presents the Earth with a personified human face that seems quite unhappy. An examination of the picture immediately reveals that the source of its mood is the air pollution resulting from a huge number of automobiles spread around its surface.
      The cartoon, no doubt, aims at alarming humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable(贪得无厌的) production and usage of automobiles. However, the majority of people merely indulge in(沉迷于) the celebration of the convenience brought by cars, while forgetting or simply neglecting their harmful impact on the atmosphere. Admittedly(应当承认), there are various factors contributing to the current worldwide air pollution, but it is undeniable that(不可否认地) the exhaust from automobiles is categorized as one of the major elements.
      I would like to make the following proposals to solve this problem: firstly, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies(前沿技术) in order to adopt new forms of energy(新能源) as substitutes for(取代) fossil fuels(矿物燃料). It should also be guaranteed that the clean energy be inexpensive so that it can be widely accepted. Besides, there should be attempts to develop possible transportation means, so that citizens can be diverted from(摆脱) dependence on cars. In short, it is humans' responsibility to resume(恢复,唤回) clean air for Earth.
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